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Service commitment:

We place great emphasis on product quality and after-sales service, and we promise that we will follow the principles below:

1.Customer-Oriented: Our goal is to add value to your business and contribute to your success.

UC彩票平台2。Warranty service: quality assurance( repair, exchange, return), and lifetime service。

3.Quick response: 8 hours response time within the Province, and 24 hours in other places in China.

4.After-sales service team with crew members from former technology, production and quality control departments who has taken professional trouble shooting training. The team will quickly respond to service requests from customers all over the country. The Company has also set up the after-sales service network to make sure our customers get the first rate technical care.

5。After-sales service hotline: +86-374-6108638, 6108388       

Person in charge of after sales service: Mr. Li: +86-13949837121

UC彩票平台6。Complaint/Inquiry hotline:+86-374-6108386

Warranty service procedure:

Complaint procedure:

1.When receiving the feedback from customers about our products, the After-sales Service Dept. will make investigation and analysis, complete the Quality Info Report Sheet, and send it to related departments.

UC彩票平台2。Related departments will determine the responsible department according to the conditions and prescribe the time limit for the department to handle it。

3.The responsible department will formulate corrective and preventive actions which are subject to the verification of related departments.

4。After-sales Service Dept。 informs the user about the action we have taken through fax or phone calls。

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