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If you really want to make a difference – Make it with SENYUAN.

As a pioneer in the electric power equipment manufacturing sector, Senyuan is willing to develop partnership with resourceful enterprises and individuals worldwide. We are ready to provide you with:

1。 High quality products and on-time delivery;

2. Competitive price and preferential policy;

3. Terms of trade and payment tailored for you;

4. The most professional business and technical support, such as marketing material, technical training, etc.;


1。 Understand and agree with the business philosophy and marketing model of Senyuan, willing to build a mutually beneficial relationship;

UC彩票平台2。 Have considerable financial strength and experienced management team, necessary business facilities also required;

3. Comply with relevant regulations, without any bad credit record;

4. Electric power equipment sales or manufacturing experience required;  

Contact  Us 

If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

By phone 86 374 56806279   By Email: sales@m-antiques.com

Want to be Senyuan’s partner? Join us now!

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