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Chief Engineer of General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau Liu Zhaobin Visited Senyuan

June 15th, Chief Engineer of General Administration Of Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau Liu Zhaobin visited Senyuan, accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Changge city Fan Yaojiang, company officer Yuan Xuelin and Zhang Yuxia.

Liu Zhaobin learnt Senyuan’s 3D laser welding machine from Italian Prima, CNC laser cutting machine from German Trumpf, multi-position CNC turret punch press from American Mate and the metal plate flexible production line from Italian Salvagnini while visiting the factory. Knowing that the sales revenue of the company had a growth rate of more than 30% each year, especially last year, Senyuan kept profitable against a generally stagnant economy through business model innovation, Liu Zhaobin said that Senyuan is quite extraordinary.

Liu Zhaobin hopes that Senyuan will maintain a sound momentum of development and bring its comparative superiority into full play。 He also encourages Senyuan to enhance its R&D capacity, product quality and safety, to continuously improve product detection system and optimize business model。 By doing so, Senyuan will make new and greater contributions toward a better regional economy。

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