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Reporter Delegation of China-Africa News Exchange Seminar Visited Senyuan

November 4th, the reporter delegation of China-Africa News Exchange Seminar visited Senyuan, accompanied by the News Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs counselor Dai Lan, officers from Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Henan Province and from Xuchang City。 Executive manager Cao Hong and other officers of Senyuan held a warm reception for the group。


UC彩票平台The group learned Senyuan’s development history in the company exhibition center, and showed great interests in the new energy products. They were surprised to see such a large scale of production and our world-class flexible processing center as well as the advanced assembly line. All of them were taking photos for those intelligent machines.


UC彩票平台Executive manager Cao Hong hoped members of the delegation could bring this Senyuan trip experience and the Senyuan product concept back to their home countries, in order to promote cultural exchange and mutual development, and make contribution to the construction of Africa.


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